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美国籍外教Amanda Reynolds

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Bachelor of Arts, General Studies concentrating in Human Behavior and Sociology              May 2013

Harding University, Searcy,  AR


Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate                                                                  May 2014


Work experience

Oral English Teacher 

        Wenhua College                                                            September 2015-now

Foreign Teacher                                                                   August 2014- June 2015

         Wuhan Polytechnic, Wuchang, Wuhan,  Hubei,China

Teacher                                                                        April 2008 – August 2014

Little Saints Child Development Center, Searcy, AR

Writing and instructing curriculum, organizing activities and overseeing closing procedures

Sales Associate, Assistant Manager                                            May 2011 – February 2014


Organizations and Leadership Roles

Volunteer English Teacher; Shantih Social Club Vice President, Service Project Director, and Encourager; Volunteer for PATH; Volunteer for Searcy Children’s Home


Interests and Hobbies

Art, Music (piano, guitar and singing), Literature and Travel